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Teeth cleaning~is it normal to feel sick after???

I got my teeth cleaned about 7 hours ago, and now I feel like throwing up,and my head is pounding and I%26#039;m dizzy. The dentist used fluoride and sealant material, and something else I%26#039;m not sure of for dermabrasion.

Is this normal? I%26#039;m worried that I swallowed something, cause I don%26#039;t think my mouth was rinsed well enough.

I%26#039;m scared I have fluoride poisoning.

Should I go to the ER???? Someone please help me out.

Thank you

Teeth cleaning~is it normal to feel sick after???
Dont rush to the ER right away. Go to the doctor if the pain concists for a few days.

#1. Dizziness/Headache - Sometimes working on teeth sometimes stresses you out from the constant pulling.

#2. Weak stomach - After sealants/cleanings, my stomach feels all gross, and it makes me gag. It happens to people I know, so not to worry.

But like I said, If you dont feel well after a while, try contacting a doctor, because im not one.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think you need to rush yourself to the ER. And you certainly do not have fluoride poisoning. It would take the ingestion of a whole lot more fluoride that what was given to you in those trays. But swallowing fluoride can upset your stomach. I am sure this is all it is. Take something to settle your stomach ie Pepto-Bismal or Malox and I am quite sure you will be just fine. Maybe try laying down with a cold compress on your forehead and or neck for the dizziness.
Reply:either you swallowed it or your allergic to sealant
Reply:If he gave you Laughing Gas for some reason, it may be that.
Reply:well as dentist used sealant and flouride definatly for a while you will be feeling uneasy as it tastes wierd , which upsets stomach for a while but sooner it will be feeling allright but even though you feel uneasy you can definatly report to your dentist and as far as flouride poisioning is considered that is surely not gonna occurr as the poisioning dose of it is far far more than that and as its quite practical that some amount can always be swollowed by the pateint so all these modalities are fabricated or prepared keeping these things in mind so there is nothing to be worried about and definatly you neednot go to ER as your dentist is much more skilled at the job and knows far better than anyone else about the procedure he is performing everyday ! have faith in your dentist and still if you have got any further problem then contact your dentist.

pounding head and dizzy feeling is due to stress of the procedure being done and yes flouride has a very little role to play in it!


Is this teeth cleaning routine too much?

Ok so first of all, I have braces, no cavities or fillings, lost all baby teeth and I%26#039;ve had my wisdom teeth out. That%26#039;s my dental history =]

Now what I do twice a day is:

Start with a pre-brush whitening mouthwash - Listerine Whitening (main active ingredients: Alcohol %26amp; Hydrogen Peroxide),

then floss,

then brush and clean tongue, cheek and gums,

then use Listerine Teeth Defence mouthwash (main active ingredient: Ethanol)

Is this too much?

Is this teeth cleaning routine too much?
It sounds like a pretty good routine. And obviously seems to be doing a good job. I may start using mouthwash to help keep my teeth healthy. Definitely not too much.
Reply:It doesn%26#039;t sound like too much, so long as you are gentle when you brush and floss.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think so! Although don%26#039;t use the whitening pre-rinse everyday. Whitening products contain chemicals that can harm your teeth. They are not meant for everyday use. I think your doing a wonderful job keeping your mouth clean. Most people don%26#039;t have the discipline to do this and I commend you!

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Wisdom teeth, cleaning and dental insurance?

A bit of my wisdom tooth%26#039;s roots are in the bone.How will it be extracted.....i%26#039;m too worried....will it hurt afterwards and take a lot of time to heal?

How can u clean your teeth effectively so that no cavaties are built?

I reside in Chicago, can I get a nice dental plan without the heath insurance?Which one is the best?

Wisdom teeth, cleaning and dental insurance?
You really need to see a dentists soon to relieve you of

your worries. Best dental plan for the Chicago area

is the eHealthPlus membership. There are no waiting

periods so you can get services right away.
Reply:Re: wisdom teeth - all roots are in the bone, you probably refer to impacted wisdom teeth. Oral surgeons do this procedure all the time so there is nothing to worry about. Most suggest gettting it done on a friday so you have the weekend to recover. Yes it will hurt, but not unmanagable. One bit of warning from personal experience- don%26#039;t take the prescription painkiller (if given) untill absolutely necessary, if at all. They tend to make you sick on the stomach and the last thing you want to be doing is heaving after having wisdom teeth out- that DID hurt.

Re: cleaning - Brush and floss a min of 2 times a day, optimally after every meal. See a dentist for a cleaning 2 times a year.There is no guarantee to be cavity free even with superb hygience, good diet and regular visits to the dentist, but it does reduce your chances of cavities.

Re: insurance. Most individual insurance plans are hard to find, and when you do, they are not great. If you dont have a lot of dental problems, it may be cheaper or you would break even by paying out of pocket for 2 cleanings a year ($200 or so). You may pay more or about the same in your premium and copays.
Reply:Hi Dolly,

With regards to your request for dental coverage. Here is a solution for you:

You can sign up for coverage at that site as well and go to the dentist immediately!

It is awesome!

Good luck!
Reply:When you don’t have money to get the care you need:

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This is about FREE hospitalization, if you need it and they WILL help you!

Hill Burton Hotline


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How to apply for Medicaid or medicare

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Free or low cost dental care United States


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Cat's teeth cleaning???

How much is the average cost to get my cat%26#039;s teeth cleaned? I think my kitty really needs her teeth cleaned.


Cat%26#039;s teeth cleaning???
My cats go in for an annual exam every year and usually have to have a teeth cleaning. So the cost of their vet exam, since they are all in their teens blood panels are done. That%26#039;s around $150 and the teeth cleaning runs about $165 (anesthesia is the most expensive part of that). So it%26#039;s around $300+ all totaled.
Reply:Hi Rachel...prices will vary from each clinic and regionally. Consider ringing several veterinary hospitals to get a better idea of what prices will be which will also usually include blood tests to determine if your cat undergo anesthesia for the procedure.
Reply:the only real deal here is tartar his dry food cant take care de tartar can be around 50$ at a vet but using special tool you buy at the vet you can get the hang of hit it seems brutal at first but it only pinchs him a bit!
Reply:at the vet clinic I work at, its $45 for the Initial exam.

$350 for the Dental checkup %26amp; teeth cleaning w/ anesthesia, no xrays.

your cat will need the anesthesia, as vets will not do teeth cleaning while the cat is awake.

I have heard of other vet clinics doing it for $ around and ask!
Reply:Price varies at every Vet. Here are some hints to do it your self.

Dental health is every bit as important to cats as it is to humans. A regular program of teeth cleaning will ensure your cat will enjoy his senior years with all his teeth intact.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 5 minutes

Here%26#039;s How:

1. Assemble supplies: sterile gauze, scissors, cat toothpaste (available at pet stores) or a weak sterile solution recommended by your veterinarian.

2. Wrap a strip of gauze around the index finger of your dominant hand and either dip it in the sterile solution, or apply a small amount of toothpaste to your fingertip.

3. Holding the cat in your lap, open his mouth

4. Gently rub your %26#039;finger brush%26#039; in a circular motion on his teeth, concentrating on the area next to the gums. Gently massage the gums at the same time. It%26#039;s not necessary to do the back sides of the teeth.

5. Once your cat will tolerate this procedure, you can graduate to a small child%26#039;s toothbrush.

6. Give kitty a few loving pats and kind words, along with a little treat to polish off with his shiny clean teeth.


1. You might want to experiment with flavored toothpaste for cats. There is a fish-flavored one that is quite tasty.

2. If you start practicing examining your cats teeth at a very young age, this process will be much easier. See %26#039;How To Gentle a Kitten%26#039; for suggestions.

3. Bleeding of the gums is a sign your cat needs professional dental scaling by your veterinarian, so attend to that as soon as possible.

What You Need:

* Sterile gauze

* Cat toothpaste / solution

* Opt: small toothbrush

* Scissors
Reply:Before going to a vet which will cost a lot of money; try giving your greenies for cats. It works great for my 6 cats.


Cleaning teeth with braces?

i just got braces.....i%26#039;ve had them for about 3 days now. i was just needing help on how to keep your teeth clean and healthy with them on? they told me to brush a minimum of 3 times a day, but i%26#039;m about to start college and i dont know if i can fit it in 3 times a day. i can twice a day but during the middle of the day i%26#039;ll usually be busy. could i just rinse my mouth out after eating if i cant brush after lunch? and how do you floss with braces? do you just use that appliance they give you with the small brush or do you have to use regular floss too? if you do, how? i just dont want my teeth to get messed up or get an infection. i brush on the braces on over and under them on the gums and use that brush thing they gave me and i use a fluoride wash. i also heard of a water pick, how much is that? and where can i get one?

Cleaning teeth with braces?
Hey there Buddy and congrats on your being on the way to a great smile!!

here%26#039;s a link that will inform of everything you need to know about the 101 level of your term with braces, take good care and you%26#039;ll always be smilin%26#039;!!

I bought the braces for my son when he was a teen...his wife nowaday really like his smile...we all do!
Reply:Glad to be of help to you...good luck with your future Dentist appointments!!!! If you follow through on what this website sates to do for proper care, who knows? You may not have to wear the braces as long as you think... Report It

Reply:i know you can get certian tooth brushes
Reply:If you can%26#039;t brush 3 times a day at least rinse your mouth out with water. Also check your braces for food that might get stuck. That would be gross
Reply:when i had them i just brushed normal and then i brushed on top of the top braces and bottom of the bottom braces! That way you get the food stuck in between better!
Reply:just brush them twice and then at night when you have more time clean them with mouthwash and a flosser in between the braces
Reply:woah woah calm down there. i had braces for 5 yrs. just brush normal and do ur mouthwash stuff if u want. just use ur toothbrush bristles to get in the gaps to keep it clean and stuff. there is also some things u can get to thread floss between the braces just ask ur dentist they will probly give them to u free
Reply:I can help you with this one i have had braces nearly a year. They suck and they hurt. But washing your mouth out with water will help its mailnly to get she sugar amd stuff out. Bring around a little christmas tree brush with you they are really small and can fit in your pocket. Pretty much especialy after eating pizza just stick it up between your braces and it will get them clean till the next you are able to brush your teeth.
Reply:it%26#039;s a pain in the bum, but for flossing you can get these little threader like things that make it possible to thread the floss up under the wire so you can floss
Reply:just use regular floss, it takes a long time, but hey that%26#039;s hygiene and brushing them twice a day is okay if you do it carefully, your teeth won%26#039;t get an infection. if you have any more concerns you should ask your orthodontist since he/she specializes in that area.
Reply:Why can%26#039;t you carry a collapsible tooth brush in your purse or pocket to use at lunch time?
Reply:Thats what they tell me, i don%26#039;t and everytime i go back they say %26quot;good job brushing%26quot; i brush once in the am and once before bed. using a mouthwash helps. just make sure ur brush is soft enough to get out food scraps in ur braces. for floss they should have given you these plastic things w/ loops that help get the floss in between braces.
Reply:it%26#039;s okay to only brush them 2 times a day (i would recommend having a small tooth brush). there are some things that you can by at a drug store that can help you with flossing your teeth (they kind of look like %26quot;i%26quot;) i don%26#039;t know about the water pick thing, though.

Good luck with the braces!!
Reply:Continue to brush normally at least 2 times daily.Wait %26amp; C.
Reply:Hi! I%26#039;ve been in dentistry for over 25 years. Brushing 2 times a day is great. But flossing is important as well. The brush they gave you just needs to be used 2 times a day the most important is before bed. The fluoride rinse at bed time and do not rinse or eat, will keep any problems from happening. That is the key. A water pick is NOT necessary if you can use the brush between the braces and the rinse at night. That is really over kill. As long as you keep to the 2 times a day, a very clean mouth at bedtime with the fluoride rinse you will have a fantastic smile and great healthy teeth. Just remember, bedtime is the most important to have your mouth clean because you mouth dries out and if there is any bacteria it will have a field day. YOU are doing all the right things now, keep it up and you will love the results. If you have any other questions, please ask, I will help you in any way that I can. Marie.
Reply:Well, with the braces, because I had them, I remember how unpleasant it was. The outcome made me motivated. No hard candy or food. Don%26#039;t break the brackets. You don%26#039;t necessarily have to brush after every meal. Heres a quick tip. Rinse your mouth with water after a meal or a snack. Just swish it around in your mouth and spit. That will help grasp some food stuck in the brackets. You will not get an infection, if you swish your mouth out after a meal. I would lay off meat that clings. Candy, clings and hard candy can break the brackets. Do a hard swish of water in your mouth or a listerine product if you wish, you will keep the bacteria out and your teeth will remain healthy with the braces on. A swish of water between meals is just effective as having a water pick. Save your money. Swish the water from cheek to cheek and spit.
Reply:waterpiks are great, i used one when i had braces. you can get one for about $40. go to to find a store near you that sells them. also, keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your backpack so you can brush at school.
Reply:Okay, first if you can%26#039;t brush a minimum of 3 times a day make sure when you can brush, brush them really well. Brush them with your regular brush above, below and I brush straight over them also. Then, for the special brush, I was told to use to remove food stuck between brackets, but I put a little tooth paste on it and brush real good against each side of each bracket to prevent cavities that form by brackets. Also, it is very important to floss regularly and you should have gotten floss threaders or whatever they are called to thread through your braces to floss, they can be very annoying because if takes a long time to do but it needs to be done. Lastly, you mention mouthwash, which you should make a habit to use, I would recommend getting Phos-Flur anti-cavity fluoride rinse it is made especially for braces and its what I use. Now if you got all this down you should be able to maintain you teeth very well. Oh and for the water pick thing I have no clue about that but if you were told it would come in handy then by all means look into it.
Reply:Buy a special electric tooth brush with the small thin, yet powerful brush (replacables) from your dentist. If you use it well, you only need to floss every other day and if you use mouth wash, even better.